The Climpson & Sons Supplier Code of Conduct states our commitment standards of ethical conduct and social and environmental responsibility.  

Coffee is at the heart of what we do; it is a value chain and a livelihood for millions of people around the world. The sustainability of our suppliers is a key area of consideration for building long lasting relationships. 

We have an expectation of our suppliers and other stakeholders to communicate expectations and uphold standards in the supplier code. 

We have drawn on information from the UN Development Goals and the Specialty Coffee Associations network and guidance to create this code of conduct.

CHILD LABOUR Climpson & Sons does not tolerate any form of child labour in our supply chain. Suppliers are responsible for not allowing any form of child labour in their business activities and in the activities of their supply chain. We encourage our Suppliers to participate in industry efforts aimed at the elimination of such practices wherever they exist in the supply chain. 

FORCED LABOUR AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING Suppliers must not use forced or compulsory . Climpsons does not tolerate any form of abusive or illegal activity in our supply chain such as forced  or human trafficking. We require that all  in our supply chain be voluntary and that workers are allowed freedom of movement. All forms of forced  and human trafficking are prohibited including but not limited to any form of prison, slave, bonded or forced indentured . 

FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Suppliers must respect the right of workers to associate freely, form and join workers organizations of their own choice, seek representation, and to bargain collectively, as permitted by and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. In cases where freedom of association is restricted by local law, alternative means of freedom of association will not be obstructed. 

NON DISCRIMINATION Suppliers shall guarantee equal treatment and provide an inclusive working environment to all of their employees. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the work environment. Discrimination in the workplace that is based on the grounds of an individual’s race; colour; gender; age; national origin; religion; citizenship status; political opinion; marital status; sexual orientation; engaging in, or refraining from engaging in, protected union activity; gender identity; transgender status; physical or mental disability; genetic information; pregnancy (including childbirth and related medical conditions, including medical conditions related to lactation); or other categories protected by applicable local law goes against Climpson & Sons commitment and is strictly prohibited.

 WORKER HEALTH AND SAFETY Climpson & Sons requires that all suppliers’ workers be provided with a safe and healthy working environment. Workers have the right to refuse and report unsafe or unhealthy working conditions regardless of role, title or responsibility. Workers must be trained on the appropriate occupational health and safety policies and procedures, including emergency evacuation procedures prior to employment and then on a regular basis in the primary language(s) of its workers. Workers will also be provided with appropriate protective equipment and instructed on appropriate use. 

LAND RIGHTS Climpson & Sons is committed to following the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) for property or land negotiations. All forms of land grabbing are prohibited. Our suppliers will not operate on grabbed land or any land that has pending court cases. We will not knowingly conduct any business with a supplier operating on grabbed land or any contentious land. 

ENVIRONMENT We are committed to reducing our environmental impact across our supply chain and to supporting sustainable operational and agricultural best practices. Suppliers shall be compliant with relevant environmental laws and regulations and shall use resources in an efficient and sustainable way as they strive to minimise their impact on biodiversity, climate change and water scarcity. Suppliers are also encouraged to look for cost-effective methods of improving energy efficiency by minimising their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, considering a life cycle perspective. 

RESPONSIBLE CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT Suppliers are expected to identify and manage chemicals to ensure their safe handling, storage, use, recycling and disposal. If a supplier must use fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides for day to day farming use, that they are recommended and are not prohibited globally. 

GRIEVANCE MECHANISM Climpson & Sons expects Suppliers to provide grievance mechanisms that are transparent, responsive, anonymous, unbiased and confidential to workers and other parties across the value chain. It is expected that the workers know of and have access to grievance mechanisms which allow for anonymous reporting at the supplier’s business. 

BUSINESS ETHICS Climpson & Sons is committed to conducting business ethically and lawfully in countries where we operate across our supply chain. We will do business with Suppliers who demonstrate a strong commitment to ethical behaviour. AII business relationships and transactions by the companies in the supply chain must conform to local laws and be conducted with the utmost integrity and honesty including in particular: responsible sourcing , anti corruption, privacy & confidentiality, financial responsibility, fair competition, conflict of interest, whistle blowing protection & non retaliation. 

TRACEABILITY & MATERIALS: Suppliers shall be able to disclose the country of origin for the primary materials for all deliveries made. We reserve the right to ask suppliers for a full supply chain map in order to facilitate risk assessment and gauge compliance in the upstream supply chain. Suppliers shall be transparent about all known facilities used to produce products or services for us and provide such information upon request. At our request, suppliers are expected to provide to us reports on the occurrence of substances in any materials supplied to us that may be restricted by, or require disclosure to, governmental bodies, customers and/or recyclers.

WE are committed to the ongoing evolution of Speciality coffee standards to improve the supply chain and the partners we work with in specialty Coffee.