Brewing with a Stovetop

Brewing with a Stovetop

Climpson & Sons 1 min Read

You'll need your stovetop pot, a grinder, a heat source and some filtered water.

    • Boil your kettle with filtered water 
    • Grind your coffee to slightly finer than a filter style grind, but not as fine as espresso.
    • Fill the basket with your coffee and sweep the top off with your finger. (if you weigh the basket here you can decide whether you need more or less coffee next time)
    • Add hot water from the kettle to the base of the stovetop, just up to the steam valve.
    • Put the basket on the base and very carefully screw down (watch your fingers here).
    • Place stovetop on heat source
    • Lift the lid now and again, letting off some steam. When the coffee begins to come through, wait for a spluttery, gurgling sound, then take off the heat.

If you're wondering what consistency of grind you'll need for this one, we think we've got our Stovetop grind just right. Grab a bag, and you'll be set.

Otherwise, you're looking for a grind around the mid-point on most grinders.

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