Coffee Concentrate from Specialty Coffee | What You Need to Lnow

Coffee Concentrate from Specialty Coffee | What You Need to Lnow

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Firstly let's get to the basics… 

What exactly is the Climpson & Sons Coffee Concentrate?

The concept of our coffee concentrate comes from the basis of the flash brew, which is a pour over coffee brewing method which drips over ice, instantly chilling the hot brewed coffee liquid which in turn halts the process and locks in the freshness and vibrancy of the freshly brewed coffee.

Our method differs from this as we brew it in our ‘brewery’ which is much like a beer brewery setup that we have adapted for brewing coffee. Here, instead of pouring over ice we run our hot brewed coffee through a heat exchanger which serves the same purpose, but means we can control the dilution levels and water quality throughout the process.


With this method we create a strong brew (there's the concentrate) to use in our award-winning Midnight Oil coffee liqueur and espresso martini. Simply add 2/3 water to the concentrate and you have a well balanced filter strength coffee.

Here we lock in the aromas and subtle flavour components of a well-brewed coffee in a batch method. This enables us to make large consistent batches of coffee for our customers to enjoy for a multitude of applications.

So what can it be used for?

We recommend using it as a replacement in food and drinks where espresso is usually used, ie: Espresso Martini, White Russians, Tiramisu, etc. etc. Although our concentrate isn’t quite as strong as an espresso, it definitely packs a punch. And the fact that the coffee we use is the excellent The Baron from Daterra in Brazil with notes of dark chocolate, marzipan and hazelnut, the structure and flavour of the coffee works really well on the stronger side of things.

How we came up with the Coffee Concentrate

We were making the Coffee Liqueur and couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We just had to share the Coffee Concentrate as it’s a great alternative to pulling shots with some great other uses.

We believe that this could be the method for fast specialty coffee to help increase speed with quality coffee. 

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