Evaluating 3 of The Best Scales for Making Specialty Coffee

Evaluating 3 of The Best Scales for Making Specialty Coffee

Calum Hill 4 mins Read
Scales are an essential part of making specialty coffee, whether it’s at home or in a cafe and making sure those doses are exactly right is a key component of making consistently delicious coffee. There are many options to choose from and we thought we’d put them to the test to help you decide on the most suitable option.

Each scale has its own functional perks that can make your life easier when making coffee. Some of the main considerations to look out for when purchasing scales are to, firstly, what it is you want from it and how it can be helpful for you. Maybe you are working in a fast-paced cafe or maybe you just need a pair for home to elevate your morning coffee routine. 

Let's take a look at our options…

Hario V60 Scales 

Price £55

Where can this be used? Home 

Best used for? Brewing coffee at home for your V60 and cafetière. 

Firstly, what are the perks? The scale allows you to weigh coffee beans, measure hot water and time your extraction. As it’s in the name, these scales are ideal for home brewing. The scale is extremely responsive and features a 0.1g and an integrated timer.  These scales are both rechargeable by plug or you can use batteries, with a life of 30-40 hours. Another function that stops you wasting that battery life is its auto power off after 5 minutes, so if you forget, it’s got your back. There’s also no need to apply your own timer as this scale has a built-in-timer too. Great value for money and we’d highly suggest this scale if you're a casual or passionate home brewer. The reason we don’t pinpoint this scale for cafe use is that it can be susceptible to water damage. In terms of a fast paced environment you are looking for a fast scale that can register quickly, if you’re weighing shots quickly and accurately this scale would not be the ideal choice. 

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Acaia Pearl S Scales

Price £180

Where can this be used? Fast paced cafe or dedicated home brewer 

Best used for? This is ideal for making espresso in a busy cafe

This scale is used across our company in many different areas, from cafe use to brewing. If you’re looking for consistency and insight into your brewing then this is the scale for you. Not only does it look great but it provides you with some essential brewing modes. Real time flow rate display and a new built in Acaia interactive coffee brewing guide, which means with the real time flow rate display you can assist and evaluate your pour-over technique helping you have more control over your brew. We would recommend this scale as an all rounder but that’s why you pay the price. These scales are also built for rechargeable use and our experience is that it lasts a long time in comparison to others.
It's slick, modern and minimalistic look and functionality make it one of the most attractive scales. We would recommend this scale if you’re a cafe owner for its fast paced and accurate functionality, ease to clean and great look. If you are willing to pay the price for your home, it is expensive but it’s also worth it. Some room for improvement is that the scale is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields, because of this it is important to keep away from magnetic objects, which can affect its accuracy. 

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Felicita Incline Scales

Price £95

Where can this be used? Home brewer and cafe brewing 

Best for? This is the best value for an all-round high-performance scale. 

The Felicita Incline Scale comes with a calibrating weight to calibrate once a week to keep on top of accuracy, it has a smaller footprint than the Acaia and also has an integrated timer, it’s rechargeable, has water protection and we believe is the best value for money. This scale is multi-functional with the ability to give excellent and precise measurements for both home brewing and cafe use. It has a calibration weight of 100g and has the same good function as the Acaia, but you're really saving the pounds with this one. It is still quite expensive but absolutely worth it. It’s compact size means you can fit it comfortably on an espresso machine drip tray, for measuring shots, or on the brew bar. The incredible sensitivity and responsiveness makes for the perfect barista experience.

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Whether you’re looking for the perfectionist scale, the precision scale or the best functionality, all of these scales have great individual qualities that can only enhance your coffee brewing skills.

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