Climpson's Arch's Tomos Parry, Wins Young Chef of the Year

Climpson's Arch's Tomos Parry, Wins Young Chef of the Year

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Announced at the Tate Britain on the 3 September.

The YBF awards were open to both amateurs and professionals in the food and drink world – with an aim to shine a spotlight on the best and brightest rising talent. The chefs’ awards were judged by Nuno Mendes, Margot Henderson and James Knappett.

“Tomos proposed a super tasty and very exciting 5 course menu focusing on the use of grill and charcoal, where every dish showcased this technique in an innovative and delicate way,” Says Mendes.

Each dish was representative of the charcoal style cooking that Tomos employs at the Arch. Salt baked beetroot with burrata and gooseberries. Crab with barbecued baby leeks and seaweed sauce, lamb belly with barbecued cucumber, yoghurt and quinoa and barbecued strawberries with clotted cream ice cream, mint and black pepper shortbread.

Tomos began his days at Climpson Arch as part of the Licky Chops Summer Residency, before taking the reins as Head Chef under the Climpson’s name in November 2013. Pre-Climpson’s he has worked at the River Cafe, Kitchen Table and even stints at Noma and the Ledbury. Tomos takes inspiration from Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico—they only operate using electricity generated by solar panels, and their menu changes on a daily basis depending on what’s available.

So why is he here? What gets the juices flowing? He talks of the creative influence working with like-minded people, the cooking style and freedom of working with a produce led menu. The added bonus, the chefs are up close and personal with customers, not stuck in an underground dungeon or back room.

It’s not your typical ‘shrimp on the barby’ type barbeque at Climpson’s Arch, it’s all about what happens using seasonal produce, sustainable meat and fish from the UK’s best suppliers cooked on our custom-made wood fired oven, grills. The cooking method focuses on fire and smoke, which brings out an array of complex flavours in each dish. Every item on the menu will have an element of this in it - even down to the bread and butter. The bread is toasted on the grills to bring out crisp, charred flavours and hot coals are added to the oil with a hint of Rosemary that goes into butter which is more addictive than the local crack (we are told).

Using birch, oak and English charcoal, this method of cooking brings out a complex bitter versus sweet camaraderie. This style is most noticeable in fruit and vegetables, so watch out for some interesting menu items this winter. Pumpkins and squashes will be on the menu this month.

See Tomos in action Thursday to Sunday at Climpson’s Arch, 374 Helmsley Place, E8 3SB

Bookings: 07884048615 or

Opening Times:  Thursday 6pm -11pm / Friday 6pm-Midnight / Saturday 1pm-Midnight / Sunday 12pm-10pm (Kitchen closes 8pm) / Plus Bank Holidays & Special Events

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