Introducing Climpsons 2021

Introducing Climpsons 2021

Calum Hill 3 mins Read

Meet the Climpsons (est. 2002)

Pioneers in the London specialty coffee scene. 

Join us on a journey of discovery, exploring possibilities in flavours, sustainability and inspiring collaborations. 

Sourcing, roasting and crafting specialty coffee from the heart of East London.

It is an incredible and exciting moment for us at Climpson & Sons. We have been around for almost 20 years. Can you believe it! 

We have spent this year thinking about what makes us tick and what is important to us as a business. We are excited to announce Climpson & Sons new roastery and a refinement evolution of our look. We think everyone should be able to experience the joys of specialty coffee through togetherness, community and enjoyment for a beautiful product that touches many people from all over the world. 

Our company stands for collective optimism in a time when there are so many challenges. We couldn’t do what we do without the excellent people working across all areas, from roasters, coffee trainers, the office team and of course our cafe members, all to make those coffees the best they can be and their stories told.

Introducing THE ROUNDEL

The concept of our new design is to show a clearer picture of our goals and ambitions, optimism and coffee seem even more relevant than ever before. Our new, soon to be released coffee bag brought an opportunity to develop the Climpson & Sons image to better reflect our collective positive attitude.

Our passion for coffee has always been at the heart of our endeavours, as coffee consultants and trainers we share our skill and expertise to help everyone make that perfect cup of coffee and through this we are able to achieve our highest goals.

What to expect from the new look? Our new Roundel is what describes us best, a circle of innovation and pioneering through coffee envisioned with our eye towards a more sustainable future. We offer a wide range of coffees from our Broadway Blend, The Baron, The Estate, our small lot single origins, The Fields adventurous coffee range and our decaf. We have now evolved our design with a colourful circular representation of all these aspects. Our colour coded roundel is set to allow our customers an easier understanding of our approach towards collective optimism.

How will the new look help you understand our coffee better?
The New roundel will differentiate the coffee  to inspire people with great coffee. But how can we better this? We aim to not only give people great coffee but maintain Climpsons values along the way, we may look different but we’re the same old Climpsons that you’ve always known.

Decaf is worth it

You may have noticed that the decaf label looks slightly different. It is about time we stopped thinking of decaf as ‘grey’. Decaf is the underdog, the placebo effect, a reason to get up in the morning. Heather is the official name of this colour, some might call it lavender.

Our new font: That iconic ‘Climpson & Sons’ font displayed on our shop front is now something you may see more regularly. We aren't sure why we didn't do this before, but now we have the font for our everyday use. This is a nod to our past and a great symbol of our progression, something we can be proud of and something that remains throughout our adventures and changes throughout, despite the changes we will always be Climpson & Sons. 

Announcing the new roastery 

We’re really excited to share the news that our roastery has moved to a brand new site down the road in Leyton, with more space and capacity to source and roast the finest coffees. We will be installing a new roaster in January 2022 so watch this space. 

Our HQ and Training Academy will remain at Unit 5 Helmsley Place. Climpson’s Arch will remain as Brat restaurant and a roastery events space. 

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on very soon!

All the team at Climpson & Sons

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