Introducing Climpsons Showstopper Sub(scription) Club...

Introducing Climpsons Showstopper Sub(scription) Club...

Becky Wooden 2 mins Read

… a monthly delivery of curated coffees to feed your curiosity.

At Climpsons, we’ve historically bought and roasted a handful of coffees that represent the best of the best in terms of production, variety and processing. These coffees form a very small proportion of our overall offering due to their higher price point and more niche appeal, but their intricate flavours speak to the quality and attention to detail that sets specialty roasters like us above the rest. These high cup scoring coffees have been labelled with the ‘Showstopper’ badge, a clear indicator that these coffees are really something special.

For us, a Showstopper coffee is one that exceeds the profile required to label a coffee specialty, and instead takes the drinker to a new level of flavour profiling. These are the sorts of coffees that are meticulously produced, often securing global attention on the coffee competition scene. Seasonal, limited and micro-lot, these coffees are thoroughly captivating in their approach to sustainability (and deliciousness!) . There may be a particular story for us to tell through these coffees around unique processing and true scientific innovation at farm level. These coffees are for the most passionate brewing enthusiasts, who work to perfect their pour-over recipe and love the finest flavours in filter as well as getting nerdy about coffee production, processing and roast profile. Sounds like you?

With an obviously keen interest in these coffees from you super fans, we’ve decided to expand our showstopper offering into a monthly ‘Showstopper Sub Club’. This monthly subscription will include a 250g bag of every one of our showstopper coffees each month, a free ticket to our bi-monthly Cupping Club events and an exclusive e-mail out with all the references you need to dig deeper and find out more about these coffees and their producers. All for £25 a month.

Join the Sub Club

The Showstopper Sub Club will be launching in early June 2024, with our first coffee being the delicate, competition winning Las Margaritas, a naturally processed Pacamara from esteemed producer Café Granja La Eperanza in Colombia. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the release.

You can try this coffee in-person at our next Cupping Club on Thursday 30th May at our state of the art roastery space in Leyton. We’ll also include a tour of our production space and Q&A with our friendly Head of Production, Simon. Sign up here.

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