Introducing Our New Coffee Roaster: The Loring SmartRoaster

Introducing Our New Coffee Roaster: The Loring SmartRoaster

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A change is a-coming! Our new coffee roaster has arrived.

In case you haven’t already heard Climpson & Sons have just bought a brand spanking new Loring SmartRoaster.  It is an exciting time at the Roastery, we constantly strive for the best tasting coffee,  consistently. The roaster is the next level of our commitment and willingness to progress.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. The Loring is energy efficient as there is no need for an afterburner; this coffee roaster reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by up to 80%. This roaster is smokeless as it has a built-in incinerator. And unfortunately this means no more coffee scent wafting over London Fields... sorry about that!

Coffee consistency and cleaner cup

This coffee roaster is known for its superior control and consistency, enabling us to manage every detail of the roast process and produce the same results time after time.

Conventional roasters heat ambient air; Loring roasters recycle the air inside the roaster, so seasonal changes in humidity and air temperature have no affect inside the roast chamber, creating consistency year round.

Climpsons Coffee Evolution

Climpson’s coffee is in transition. Whilst our coffee may taste slightly different, it is through the process of refining our roasting techniques we create a cleaner, brighter cup.

Bear with us whilst we make this transition, it is the new direction and a step forward in the quality of and flavour of our coffee.

We constantly appreciate customer feedback, as this makes us who we are and the best we can be. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your account manager.

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