Introducing Spresso by Beavertown x Climpson & Sons & Midnight Oil Drinks

Introducing Spresso by Beavertown x Climpson & Sons & Midnight Oil Drinks

Climpson & Sons 2 mins Read

By Rebecca Wooden

Well, Hello Spresso.

This season we’ve collaborated with the iconic Beavertown Brewery for a coffee beer like no other. Introducing Spresso, a coffee stout brewed with our not-so-secret ingredient, Midnight Oil Coffee Concentrate.

Adventurous, innovative and a whole lot of fun (just like us, right?) this collaboration is match-making written in the stars. We’ve long been fans of Beavertown and you’ll find their cans filling the fridges of each and every one of our staff parties. In return, their staff room is happily stocked with rotating filter coffees roasted by ourselves. We were over the moon when the brewers decided to make something extra special this year using Midnight Oil Coffee Concentrate.

Spresso is an ink black coffee stout, decadently forged with chocolate malt. Think sweet dark fruit and cocoa, indulgently creamy with a punchy caffeine kick. Seriously smooth, this is joyous winter season drinking, perfect to sip as the degrees celcius drops to scary low digits in the months ahead. Best enjoyed somewhere cosy and fireside with good company close by.

Did you spot us at the sampling event last week? Our Beavertown pals joined us for an afternoon of beer tasting right outside our shopfront on Broadway Market. Here’s just a few of the reviews you lot gave the beer on first sip.

‘Absolutely delicious.’

‘Lovely, amazing.’

‘It’s like a breakfast beer.’

‘I would definitely buy this.’

We love seeing the versatility of Midnight Oil Coffee Concentrate in action. Roasted and brewed to perfection by our expert team this ingredient can then be transformed into beers, brews, bakes, as well as making a balanced base for a specialty instant coffee at home. Try it for yourself here.

Purchase a case for the Christmas hols by heading to Beavertown’s website, or pick up a can straight from the shelf of your nearest Waitrose.

Excellent gifting, Beavertown are also offering an extra special bundle featuring 6 cans of Spresso alongside a 250g bag of our classic espresso The Baron as well as stocking our Midnight Oil range on their online shop. 

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