Midnight Oil 2.0 - Introducing the Midnight Oil range - here’s what’s new

Midnight Oil 2.0 - Introducing the Midnight Oil range - here’s what’s new

Nicole Ferris 3 mins Read

The Climpson & Sons ready-to-serve Espresso Martini began as a really big idea. An idea to bring specialty coffee to the craft drinks industry, providing a delicious and well-sourced product that’s available at an instant through the pour of a tap. We weren’t the first to consider cocktails on tap and there’s no doubt there’s been a building interest in ready-to-serve cocktails in the past few years. But beginning with the starting point of a specialty coffee, roasted and brewed to perfection, was something new and unique. This drink was destined to be flavour first and designed to showcase the distinctive profile of Climpson’s specialty coffee, with a boozy kick. 


The vision changed when we realised that we could (and should!) showcase coffee liqueur as a key ingredient to any espresso martini and coffee based cocktail. Providing the full line up of coffee cocktail ingredients means bartenders and home enthusiasts are set to create consistently decadent cocktails all the time. And so the journey continues. 


We’ve come full circle - with all you need to make the perfect espresso martini 

The Midnight Oil range has come full circle. It reflects a bartender's armoury of ingredients with everything you need to make the ultimate espresso martini or coffee cocktail. 


New Bottle size

We have a new bottle and a new 700ml size. Whilst it means the end of the 500ml and 1000ml, the 700ml is industry standard and, let's be honest, looks amazing. It's a dinner party for 6, with an extra for the chef. 


Closing the loop

The new bottle is right up our ally when it comes to sustainability. It is made from recycled wild glass of which 100% is post consumer recycled. We love this bottle for its imperfections. We welcome the rough and ready aesthetics and love that no bottle is quite the same. 

What's in a name

Whilst the Australian band Midnight Oil chose their name by drawing a name out of a hat, for us the name was an inspiration. To 'burn the midnight oil' is to work late into the night. Originally this was by the light of an oil lamp or candle. 

New Look

The luminescent glow of a candle whilst working - or partying - into the evening is very representative of the infamous espresso martini whose London origins to ‘wake me up and f*ck me up’. Our new look is a little less crass and hopefully more… illuminating.  

The glow can be depicted as a roundel,  symbolising our involvement from the bean to the Bar. We are involved at every step of the process. As coffee roasters, specialising in coffee, we deal directly with the farms, sourcing excellent beans, we then roast, brew, blend, and deliver it to the bar. Our roundel is a symbol that from start to finish it's about quality sourcing, expertise and know-how. 

Design Partners

The new look has been designed by Dapple Studios who brought to life our vision and then some.

Decaf Range. 

Decaf is not an afterthought at Climpsons. For those a little too excited by espresso martini, we have developed the delicious decaf range of coffee liqueur and espresso martini for the full placebo effect. Same great taste without the caffeine.

Collaborative Series

It's more fun with friends! Championing ideas and people is at the heart of what we do. We see the value in partnerships - from experimenting with flavour, to sharing a space for food and drink to come together. We have teamed up with our neighbours Lilk for our Flat White Martini and Stellacello for the Amaro Espresso Martini.

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