Our New Roastery

Our New Roastery

We’ve moved!

We’re really excited to share the news that the Climpson and Sons roastery has moved to a brand new site in Leyton, with more space and capacity to source and roast you the finest specialty coffees in the UK.

The last couple of years have been a little unusual for everyone but behind the scenes we’ve been working on some exciting changes. Along with our new branding we are so happy to have been able to adjust and grow into a new space during such a difficult time.

The new location is set up to help Climpsons expand our wholesale and retail operations with more storage space, a larger packing area and our reliable Loring S35 soon to be joined by a second roaster. Alongside the roastery, we also have space to scale up our after hours/coffee liqueur range.

Our HQ and Training Academy will remain in London Fields at Unit 5 Helmsley Place. Climpson’s Arch will remain with Brat at the helm, alongside one of our trusty roasters. 

What has changed from the previous roastery?

What we aimed for with the new roastery was to create more space and a bigger facility for the production of our products. We now have twice the space, meaning we can store much more coffee and equipment.

Early next year we will be installing a second roaster, which means we can double the production rate of our coffee, allowing us to expand greatly.

With the added space we have more room to accompany a number of additional features such as a cupping lab, a space that can provide us with the opportunity to expand our experimental research into the coffees we decide to work with and roast.

Our staff in the roastery are constantly working hard to maintain the consistency of our coffee and to maintain steady production. Some natural light is a must and our new space with large windows creates a much better working environment. Alongside this the space remains our own. Before this the roastery space was shared alongside Brat restaurant but now the space is our very own.

We may have a new space but you’ll be happy to know we have the same roaster, same team and same high quality coffee. We also have a New office and lab space for our production team to keep on top of quality control.

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on very soon! All the best from the team at Climpson & Sons 


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