The Showstopper: Las Margaritas, Colombia

The Showstopper: Las Margaritas, Colombia

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It feels like only yesterday we visited the beautiful farms of Granja La Esperanza in the Valle de Cauca in Colombia. This year's Showstopper from their coffee line up is a naturally processed, Pacamara variety from Las Margaritas. Nicole tried this coffee for the first time at their Colombian cupping lab and was blown away by its sophistication, it was so fresh, so clean, with big, juicy pineapple notes - you get all of the fun but not too much funk. Even upon cooling, it popped. We are happy to call this our Showstopper coffee at the London Coffee Festival this year. It’s amazing to see this coffee develop into the Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, lychee Rubicon, pineapple and white chocolate sensation it is today.

Cafe Granja La Esperanza manages three farms: Cerro Azul, Potosi, and Las Margaritas. The farms have eight distinct microclimates across three mountain ranges, so agronomists have a field day experimenting with interesting and unique varieties and processing methods. The agronomists have an obsession with quality coffee and combined with their experience have developed some beautiful coffees year after year. In the past, we have had their Geisha and Sudan Rume varieties which have also been Showstoppers.

The Ultimate 1 Cup V60 Recipe

We want to highlight the body and the sweetness of this coffee and here is a way to try it.

You need:

  • 15.5 grams of freshly ground coffee, (6 on the EK or like coarse sand)
  • 1 Cup V60 and paper filter
  • Gooseneck kettle for ultimate pouring results


  • Wet the paper filter to avoid that paper taste.
  • Add 15.5 grams of freshly ground coffee to the V60.
  • Pour 94 degree water in a circular motion.
  • Add the first 45g of water to eliminate any bubbles and bloom for 30 seconds.
  • Add the rest of the water (total 250g), in a steady circular motion within a 2 minute timeframe.


Look for a clean, ripe, juicy flavour profile.




Roll on the floor with happiness.

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