Where to find us at London Coffee Festival 2024

Where to find us at London Coffee Festival 2024

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We’re doing things a little differently for this year’s London Coffee Festival. Here’s your essential guide of where to find us over the weekend.

You won’t find us at our usual spot next to the Coffee Masters stage, but will instead find us popping up across the festival as well as hosting our own curated fringe events from our market bar in Old Spitalfields Market.

We’ve hosted a stand at LCF since it began so it’s been a big decision to move away from trading directly at the festival. The costs of hosting a stand involve not just paying for the space itself but the expenses of transporting stock in and out of the festival, display and marketing materials, ensuring the stand is fully staffed across the full four days and of course the cost giving away tasters of the valuable coffee itself. After analysing these costs, we’ve decided that this money can be better spent elsewhere across our business. We’ll be using the money we save by not hosting a stand to continue to support our sustainably minded producers and fund other events and charity work throughout the year.

However, this isn’t a total disappearing act and there are still loads of ways to keep with us over the weekend. With our coffee bar in Old Spitalfields Market just around the corner this will be our base through the festival. 

At Old Spitalfields Market

Here, you can join us for the ‘Climpsons Tasting Flight’, showcasing the very best of our espresso and filter options, as well as sampling our easy-breezy Coffee Concentrate in a refreshing slushie. We’ll also be bringing back the mocha (I mean, did it ever go away?) with our partners, Islands Chocolate. This is also the place to sample and purchase a bottle of Midnight Oil Espresso Martini or Coffee Liqueur. Our team will be on board from Thursday 11th April to Saturday 13th April to talk you through the stories behind the coffees and how best to brew them. Sign up here or simply show up over the weekend.

This is also the home of our merch stand where you’ll find our latest range of tees and our custom coffee ‘creatures’ poster to take away and decorate your walls with. 

B Corp & Brunch

Upstairs in Old Spitalfields Market, Climpsons MD Nicole will be hosting a ‘B Corp and Brunch’ panel discussion alongside Lisa of Dear Green Coffee and Holly of North Star Coffee. After receiving B Corp in 2023 we want to share the knowledge of how we got here and help promote positive change in the industry. This is for anyone that’s considering working towards the B Corp certification or looking to improve sustainability in their business. A discussion on best practice and troubleshooting the challenges we’ve had along the way. Also a tasty brunch provided by us. Sign up here to join the conversation.

At Truman Brewery

In addition to our fringe events, we’ll also be ‘popping up’ with some of our coffee pals across the festival. Here’s where to find us …

Heylo Coffee:

Induction powered, low energy and low cost espresso systems. Heylo Coffee are true innovators in the industry with separate coffee and milk modules and a sustainable solution to the problems of traditional espresso making. We’ll be testing the machines with our crowd-pleasing community favourite, the Broadway Blend.

Thursday 11th April 10am - 1pm

Espresso Solutions:

We’re partnering with true equipment experts Espresso Solutions to showcase our latest showstopper coffee, a natural Geisha from Myanmar using Fellow brewing equipment.

Thursday 11th April 1.30pm - 5pm


The piece of kit the customer never sees. We set up each of our wholesale partners with an essential BWT water filter and service and replace this hard working piece of equipment every year. Tucked beneath the bar, this is one of the many reasons why our coffees taste so good. 

Thursday 11th April 1.45 - 5 pm

Saturday 13th April 12.15pm - 3pm

Makemake Coffee at La Marzocco True Artisan Cafe

Long term Climpsons family and really good-eggs, Olive and Jonny of Makemake Coffee will be serving our coffees at the La Marzocco True Artisan Cafe to celebrate their 10th birthday. A moment of peace and calm amongst the chaos of LCF. Do swing by and say hello.

Saturday 13th April 3.30 - 6.30pm

Islands Chocolate

Bring Back the Mocha

Coffee and chocolate, a match made in heaven. Enjoy a cup of mocha perfection as we pair our classic espresso The Baron with Islands Chocolate for an indulgent and heavenly cup. 

Friday 12th April 2 - 3 pm

Saturday 13th April 2 - 3pm

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