Linea Mini - Home Espresso Machine

Why the Linea Mini is the ideal choice for coffee lovers

Production Staff @ The Roastery 3 mins Read

Sometimes I walk to my local cafe and just wonder, what happened before the espresso machine was invented? I couldn’t simply stroll to my local cafe and order a single shot oat flat white. I’d have to walk away with a drip coffee and feel satisfied, although I guess you don’t know any better if something doesn’t exist. Now, as we fast forward into coffee's present, we’ve seen a speedy growth in the development of coffee making. Now, we can make high quality (cafe standard) coffees at home. Having a home espresso machine is something dreams are made of, wake up in the morning and pull through that first shot, steam some milk and there you have it.

Each person has their own individual preference when it comes to choosing the best home espresso machine and making your own coffee, and we decided that the La Morzocco Linea Mini was our favourite choice.

We spoke with La Marzocco’s sales coordinator Ruth Calderwood about the Linea Mini to discover what makes this a first thought when shopping for home coffee machines:

Why choose the Linea Mini? 

“The Linea Mini is a commercial quality espresso machine made smaller for home use, you can create barista-quality coffee from the comfort of your own home. Along with a grinder,  all you need to do is choose some good quality beans (Broadway Blend from Climpson & Sons is a favourite of mine!) and then you’re good to go. The Linea Mini is really easy to set up.”

What makes it so special?

“The Linea Mini is based on the design of La Marzocco’s iconic Linea Classic machine, used and loved in specialty coffee shops all over the world. Built of all the same components as the Linea Classic machine. Utilising a dual boiler system, home baristas can brew espresso and steam milk at the same time, cup after cup.”

If you’re searching for some inspiration to help you decide on a home espresso machine or perhaps your search for a home espresso machine has just begun and you’re starting fresh, maybe these details will help.

The nifty parts:

  • Semi automatic paddle: This paddle has been used on La Marzocco espresso machines since the 1970’s and it’s a satisfying way to start your extraction. A manual operation system is always a good way to start, being able to start and stop your shot as you please is the best way to learn about extraction and will help you keep a keen eye on pulling great shots.

  • Barista lights: As your coffee extraction drips to your cup then the LED light system will brighten your vision and allow you to see that extraction clearly… and it looks pretty cool.

  • Indicator lights: If you're struggling to keep track of your water and heating level, indicator lights will give you a heads up so you never run out.

  • Water reservoir: This is an excellent addition to the home espresso machine, not only does a water reservoir sound great but it is great. You will be able to fill 2.5 liters of water to your tank, so refills become much less of a problem.

  • Colours: The La Marzocco Linea Mini comes in stainless steel, black, light blue, yellow, red and white. 

  • Style : you basically need this in your kitchen. 

Why the Climpsons love it

You can take this coffee machine anywhere. We once made coffee up the side of Mont Ventoux with the Mini. 

You can spend hours making coffee, for yourself, or your friends and hone the craft. You will soon have an appreciation of how much knowledge a barista has.

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