Wilfa Svart Savour Aroma Grinder


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The Wilfa precision grinder is the Climpson's choice for grinding at home. Perfect if you're brewing pour over, Aeropress, cafetiere, or pretty much any other home brew method (even espresso as long as you do 20g doses), the Wilfa is our choice of home grinder. Add in the fact that it's reasonably priced, compact, and looks great and you're on to a winner.

Comes in black or silver

Technical details:

• Conical burrs and new and improved motor produces very little heat, allowing for consistency and preservation of the aromas and flavours of your coffee

• Adjustable grinder settings labelled for different brew methods

• UV protected hopper to keep your beans protected from sunlight

• Adjustable grinder setting to easily grind the right amount of coffee for your recipe