Hario V60 Decanter


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The Hario V60 Decanter is the perfect way to serve up great filter coffee for a group. The V60 Decanter comes with a plastic V60 dripper that fits into the beautiful decanter, so you can brew directly, then remove when it’s time to serve.  It comes with a glass heat proof decanter that can hold up to 700ml and serve between 1-4 cups. Wrapped around the body is a removable silicon band, cool to the touch.

What's Included

• 1x Heatproof Decanter VDD-02B
• 1x Plastic Dripper
• Silicone Rubber Band
• 700ml Capacity
• 10 Sheets of 02 Filter Papers
• Dishwasher-friendly
• Borosilicate Glassware
• Easy to Clean

    Grab extra 02 cup filter papers for your V60. Check out our current crop of single origin filter coffees and follow our brew guide to get started brewing delicious coffee with your new V60.