Steps to amend your delivery schedule:

This is what your customer login page looks like.

  • Click on the Subscriptions tab (highlighted here)
  • Click on Active Subscriptions

You can then view the “Active Subscriptions” 

To amend your next order date:

  • Click on Next order

  • Choose a date according to your requirement and convenience
  • Click on Update next order date and it's done!

To change your variant/grind size and quantity, follow these steps:

  • Click on Variant
  • Choose your preferred variant from the dropdown
  • Click on Update variant

To swap the product, follow these steps:

  • Click on Swap product

  • Select your preferred product and click on it

  • Check the Quantity, Variant and Order Frequency
  • Click on Swap for this product

To view your Upcoming orders:

  • Click on the Upcoming orders tab
  • This will show the page with a list of when the upcoming orders will be generated

Please note, you can only amend your next upcoming order.