Brew guide v60

Brewing a pour-over with the Hario V60

You'll need a V60 brewer, scales, grinder, freshly roasted coffee, filtered water, filter papers, a kettle, a cup, a stirrer and a timer.
  • 13g specialty coffee (coarse grind - 10.5 on EK) / 200ml water / 95 degree water
  • Four pours - 50ml every 30 seconds
  • Place filter paper inside V60 and wet with hot water, then add coffee
  • START - Pour 50ml of water in a circular motion (pour quickly each time as this is the agitation)
  • After 30 seconds pour another 50ml
  • At 1 min pour 50ml
  • At 1 min 30 seconds make your last pour of 50ml (200ml in total) then gently swirl and tap the V60
  • Brew time 2 min 10 seconds - 2 min 40 seconds
    If the coffee is too intense or harsh, use less coffee.
    If the coffee is weak and watery, use more coffee.
    If the coffee is bitter, grind coarser next time.
    If the coffee is flat, sharp or sour, then grind finer next time.
    If the coffee is juicy, rich and sweet, then neck it!!