Brew Guide (V60)

Brewing a pour-over with the Hario V60

You'll need a V60 brewer, scales, grinder, freshly roasted coffee, filtered water, filter papers, a kettle, a cup, a stirrer and a timer.

    • Weigh out 15g of coffee and grind to a medium setting, you want the consistency to be that of granulated sugar.

    • Boil your water. Then let it cool for 1 minute to 93 degrees.

    • Wet your filter paper with hot water.

    • Add your coffee and get your timer ready. (We recommend Acaia Pearl S Scales with built in timer)

    • Add 50ml of water. Pouring slowly in a circular motion.

    • Stir your brew 3 times ensuring all grounds are soaked.

    • Add another 50ml of water every 30 seconds until you've added 250ml of water overall.

    • Tap your V60 after your final pour

  • You are looking for all the water to have drained through between 2.5 to 3.5 mins.

If the coffee is too intense or harsh, use less coffee.
If the coffee is weak and watery, use more coffee.

If the coffee is bitter, grind coarser next time.
If the coffee is flat, sharp or sour, then grind finer next time.

If the coffee is juicy, rich and sweet, then neck it!!