Brewing with a Chemex

Brewing with a Chemex

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You will need a Chemex, then you're also going to need some scales, a kettle, paper filters, some roasted coffee, filtered water and a grinder.

  • 30g Coffee - 500ml water
  • Grind coffee for a medium coarse setting. In between a V60 and French Press. Adjust from there based on draw down times. Finer if the total brew is happening too fast and coarser if it's too short.
  • Tare your scales.
  • Start your timer.
  • Pour in 60g of water and wait 30 seconds
  • Gentle swirl
  • Pour in till the total weight reaches 300g.
  • Let it draw down till about half way then add water till total weight is 500g.
  • Gentle swirl
  • Brew time should be about 3-4 minutes


If the coffee is too intense or harsh, use less coffee.

If the coffee is weak and watery, use more coffee.

If the coffee is bitter, grind coarser next time.

If the coffee is flat, sharp or sour, then grind finer next time.

If the coffee is juicy, full and flavourful then drink it up and brew another!

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