5 Reasons to Start an Office Coffee Subscription

5 Reasons to Start an Office Coffee Subscription

Becky Wooden 4 mins Read

The flexible subscription model has been a key consumer trend over the last decade, with more and more of us opting for the convenience of having all life’s essentials delivered, as and when you like it. From streaming platforms to dishwasher tablets, there’s a subscription for just about everything.

And at the heart of it all is the coffee subscription. The true morning essential, we all know that coffee is the one store cupboard staple that you never want to run out of. It’s the daily moment of luxury that makes the rest of the day run a little more smoothly. At Climpsons we offer a truly flexible subscription model. First, choose your coffee, whether this is a consistent coffee you can’t get enough of, or the joy of variation with the ‘Greatest Hits’ of our finest espressos or a rotating ‘Explorers’ single origin selection. Then all you have to do is choose how often you would like to receive your coffee, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Simple.

A coffee subscription isn’t just for enjoying at home. It’s also the perfect solution for offices, large and small. Here coffee gets social, the water cooler’s grown up and sophisticated older cousin. Over the batch brewer, the chat is just a little more high-brow and lightly caffeine stimulated. Here’s just 5 of the reasons to start a regular office coffee subscription. 

Never run out of coffee again, it’s all in the convenience

Our office subscriptions come at an interval to suit you and your team. This could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you choose. With a regular delivery, the whole office can relax in the fact that you will never run out of coffee again, phew. That means no more emergency purchases of, dare we say it,  instant coffee from the cornershop. You’ll also be able to enjoy our stand-out coffees at their best i.e. when freshly roasted from our expert East London location.


Our contemporary lives are driven by convenience. In a world that often feels a little busier than we might like, many of us feel the desire to simplify our lives where we can. A subscription means specialty coffee at your convenience, without the need to re-order, keep an eye on your supply or even leave the building to enjoy your favourite brew.

Reduce your carbon footprint

All our specialty coffees are sourced from fully traceable producers, many of which we have a long standing relationship with through our repeat purchasing model. This means we can be assured that best environmental practice is being followed at source. Amongst others, Daterra in Brazil, the home of our classic espresso The Baron, is a market leading example of this. They were the first coffee producer in the world to receive Rainforest Alliance certification, holding a B Corp score of 85 and operating as a carbon negative business.

On top of this, every coffee at Climpson’s is roasted on our environmentally friendly Loring Smart Roast S35 and S70 showcasing the latest technology for roasting with precision, accuracy and the lowest emissions possible.

When brewing a coffee in the office, you’ll also save the unnecessary waste of countless takeaway cups by drinking from your favourite mug instead. An office coffee subscription is a win-win for you and the planet.

Everyday indulgence for your team

On a grey Monday (... or a grey Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for that matter) starting the day with a well-brewed cup of specialty coffee is an easy win to brighten the morning.

Our coffees are sourced from sustainably minded producers across the world, many of whom we’ve been working with for up to 10 years. This care and attention at source is something that comes out in the cup. For us, specialty coffee really is something special. That first sip is a moment to savour and a true everyday indulgence for your team.

Impress your clients

Visiting clients and customers to your office will be overjoyed with the offer of a specialty coffee round your place. An easy filter coffee or a well-executed espresso coffee is a perk that your guests will remember. And save them the cost and inevitable disappointment of hitting a high street chain in search of a cup after your meeting.

The new water cooler

The water cooler is still vitally important for our health and hydration, but isn’t a chat around the coffee machine just a bit more sophisticated? Less gossip, more culture. Less TV catch up, more award winning literature. There’s something about enjoying specialty coffee that brings out the internal connoisseur in all of us. It’s the social lubricator to take the office chat to the next level.


Head to our subscriptions page to get your new office subscription on the go.

Upgrading your office coffee equipment set up? We recommend the Ratio 6 brewer for an easy, quick batch brew that stays hot for hours. Or invest in the La Marzocco Linea Mini for a barista-quality espresso experience for your team.

No equipment? No problem. Check out our Coffee Concentrate Subscription for a simple way to enjoy our specialty coffee in an instant.

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