Celebrating 10 Years of MAKEMAKECOFFEE

Celebrating 10 Years of MAKEMAKECOFFEE

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A very special Climpson & Friends here. This year we’re celebrating a decade of business for Jonny and Olivia, the wonderful duo behind MAKEMAKECOFFEE. For their 10 year celebration MAKEMAKE took to the stage at La Marzocco’s True Artisan Cafe as part of London Coffee Festival with a decadent 7 step signature drink, the Double Oh 7. Ooooh.

What’s the story behind MAKEMAKECOFFEE?

Situated next to Surrey Quays station, this coffee bar and ‘good things’ store is owned by Jonny and Olivia. To celebrate their birthday making a delicious Climpson and Sons drink at the London Coffee Festival is a dream but also completely apt, because this is what they’ve done for their customers nearly every day since 2014.

From 2014 until 2020, MAKEMAKECOFFEE served some of East London's most delicious specialty coffee from a Piaggio van outside Haggerston station in all weathers, with a smile. They launched their first bricks-and-mortar store, Kiosk 1, in 2020. Surrey Quays was a key transport hub, notably missing a specialty bar. It allows them to intersect with a variety of people, lives and routines and create a small haven in an otherwise bustling place. 

Olivia, who writes, and Jonny, a musician, found that coffee was a commonality in both their fields. They have a passion for being part of people’s lives and have found that as much as they put into coffee-making, coffee-making gives back to them. 
Both Jonny and Olivia love flavours and design, and this is evident by the fantastic selection of pantry treats, chef-made ready meals and independent homewares, books and art prints, ensuring MAKEMAKECOFFEE is a one-stop shop for thoughtfully brewed drinks, gift ideas and picking up your dinner on the way home from work.

How did you get to working with Climpson & Sons?

Olivia chose to work with Climpson & Sons when she started the business in 2014, the culture, coffee and camaraderie immediately felt right for MAKEMAKECOFFEE. 

In their own words; 

Across a decade we’ve been amazed and delighted by the deeply characterful coffee which Climpson’s have sourced and masterfully roasted for us. From the booziest natural-processed Fields to the sparkling, elegant Estate, via the pioneering relationships they build with farms across the world, we appreciate every innovative single origin they bring to us and our customers. They’re great people and we have taken inspiration from their energetic, considerate and open approach to business and coffee.”


Why did you want to take part in the True Artisan Cafe and what does the word ‘artisan’ mean to you?

MAKEMAKECOFFEE has one mission: to make your day. We were delighted to be invited to do this with a special Climpson and Sons Coffee at the True Artisan Cafe. The TAC sounds super-fun, but also crystallises what we’re about: running a coffee bar grounded in the everyday lives of our customers, infused with the spirit of specialty coffee. The ‘Artisan’ has a deep history in the UK. Woven through that history is the act of taking care to make something great that others will enjoy. This resonates with us. MAKEMAKECOFFEE puts flavour, flair, friendliness and strong ethics front and centre. We can’t wait to do this at the London Coffee Festival too!


Tell us more about your signature drink!

We’re making a Climpson and Sons Washed Colombian, part-Geisha. As espresso, as Climpsons say, it has a watermelon juiciness and top notes of sherbet and lime. Iced we feel it’s a cacao mojito. In milk we get malted white chocolate with lavender. Juicy and floral simultaneously, it’s a pleasure to make. 
The ‘Double Oh 7’, our signature drink, is an espresso-based iced concoction, comprising the same coffee made 7 ways. Espresso: straight up, shaken (not stirred), glassed, frozen, salted, and smoked - on the rocks, with a dose of iced filter to round it off. It’s a coffee drink where the secret ingredient is… process. The result is a party of a drink, which is serious, in a silly way. It’s a signature for us because while we go to outlandish lengths to make every cup of coffee we brew taste outstanding, we always try to do it in a spirit of good times, having a laugh, enjoying life. We look forward to making it with the magic team of Sam and Atanas.


Thanks to Jonny and Olivia for putting on a real show at this year’s London Coffee Festival and a signature drink that puts innovation, creativity and passion for specialty coffee served well at its heart.

You’ll find Kiosk 1 MAKEMAKECOFFEE serving coffee and all the good things next to Surrey Quays station. Open weekdays 7am until 7pm, Saturdays 8am until 5pm and Sundays 9am until 5pm. On a mission to make your day.

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