Iced Drinks To Try This Summer at Climpsons Coffee Bar, Old Spitalfields Market

Iced Drinks To Try This Summer at Climpsons Coffee Bar, Old Spitalfields Market

Becky Wooden 2 mins Read

Is it really summer until you’ve had your first slurp of an iced coffee? Nope, we don’t think so.

The ice cold drinks season is officially in full swing at our market bar in Old Spitalfields Market. Could 2024 be the year you move beyond the basic (sorry, not sorry) iced latte for something a little more … you? Here’s the iced drinks you must try this summer.

Nitro Cold Brew

Okay this one’s been on the scene for a few years. Hands up if you love a Nitro Cold Brew? The infusion of nitrogen (also: the secret ingredient behind the creamy head on your pint of Guinness) calms the acidity associated with a typical cold brew coffee and makes for a smooth brew with a stunning cascade effect, and velvety texture to match. We brew and keg our Nitro at our roastery before peddling it to Old Spitalfields Market by cycle courier. This is the place to try our rotating selection of single origin coffees and plethora of flavours through the summer season.

Iced Flat White

This one’s simple. In the winter you drink a Flat White, so why size up to an Iced Latte in the summer? Keep your morning ritual but make it iced with a cute little flat white, on ice. With the majority of the carbon emissions in your cup coming from the milk, this is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint too. For even lower emissions, switch to plant-based instead of dairy.


Frozen Oat Flat White

The slushie machine is in action in Old Spitalfields Market with our seasonal Frozen Oat Flat White. We make ours using our very own Midnight Oil Coffee Concentrate, batch brewed and flash chilled at our expert roastery facility in Leyton. This Coffee Concentrate is made using The Baron, our rich and decadent coffee from sustainability champions Daterra in Brazil. This makes a perfect pairing with Oatly and just a touch of sugar syrup.

Iced Matcha

Matcha is big news and definitely on-trend for 2024. Served on ice, it’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up that still packs a caffeine kick, but in that calm slow release sort of way. Rich in polyphenols and said to aid our brain function, Matcha is so much more than it’s pretty green colour.


Check out our summer menu in Old Spitalfields Market. Join us at the bar every Monday to Friday from 8am until 4.30pm and Saturday to Sunday from 9am until 5pm.

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