Instant Expertise | The Story Behind Climpson & Sons Coffee Concentrate

Instant Expertise | The Story Behind Climpson & Sons Coffee Concentrate

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Some great products start as a big idea. Other great things are found in the process of building something else. We’re talking about that smaller idea on the sideline, the small cog in a greater machine that catches and sparks your interest. It’s the essential ingredient in a much larger process that has the potential to turn into something quite perfect in and of itself. With our keen eye for an innovative product and always seeking to share our expertise, this is where Climpson & Sons Coffee Concentrate steps in.

The story of our Coffee Concentrate begins with our journey into coffee booze production through our Midnight Oil range of coffee liqueurs and espresso martini (... you can read more about the lessons learnt in that process here.)

When developing the, now tried and tested, recipe for our Coffee Liqueur, we knew the most important aspect to this unique drink was going to be a perfectly extracted Climpson’s coffee base. Beginning with our sustainably sourced The Baron from Daterra Estate in Brazil was a no-brainer - this coffee’s luscious chocolate notes are a true crowd pleaser. The question was now how to lock the freshness and vibrancy of a freshly brewed coffee into a long lasting product.

Here we developed our flash brew process. Small scale, this process looks much like an iced pour-over coffee (V60 lovers we’re looking at you) brewed straight over ice. The hot brewed coffee is chilled in an instant, halting the extraction process and securing that just-brewed freshness. Translate that process to the commercial scale and you’ve got a brewery-style set up developed for producing that same quality and precision at scale. The coffee is brewed, filtered and then run through a heat exchange, much the same as the ice-element seen in the hand brew, to ensure the brightness of the cup remains. This also allowed us to control dilution levels, creating a particularly strong brew that can take on a concentrate composition much like an espresso.

While this concentrate made the perfect base for our cocktail creations, we couldn’t help realising just how versatile it might be to our friends behind the bar, in the office or for our discerning at-home customers. Not only can Climpson & Sons Coffee Concentrate be used as an ethically sourced and delicious replacement to a from-the-jar instant coffee but it also makes a speedy iced latte without the need for an espresso machine. It can also be used in any number of cocktails, recipes and bakes, replacing anywhere you might typically use an espresso. Tiramisu anyone?

We’ll be sharing more reasons to try our Coffee Concentrate over the coming weeks, with some stories from our wholesale customers who are already reaping the benefits of stocking a box behind the bar.

Rapid and excellent coffee at your fingertips. Try Climpson & Sons Coffee Concentrate here.

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