The Best Ways to Make Coffee at Home

The Best Ways to Make Coffee at Home

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A good cup of coffee at home is an absolute necessity, whether you're just chilling out on a Sunday morning, or rushing out the house every other day of the week. Here’s our guide on the best home set ups for every need.

Best for: Filter for Home or Office

Wilfa Classic+ Brewer

Our newest recommendation and addition to our webshop is the Wilfa Classic+ brewer. After trying many filter brewers and testing them extensively, the Wilfa was the one that came out on top. Brewing up to 1 litre of coffee at a time, this brewer is incredibly consistent and offers great extraction allowing you to make great coffee time and time again.

Pair it with: Wilfa Svart Aroma Grinder

What type of coffee?

Any coffee roasted for filter. Usually, African or Central American coffees are better suited for filter coffee. Our explorer subscription is a good place to start, offering a different coffee every week, fortnight, or month.

Best for: Serious Home Espresso

La Marzocco Linea Mini

If you’re serious about home brewing you couldn’t do much better than a home espresso set-up. The La Marzocco Linea Mini is a serious piece of kit, inspired by the Linea Classic, the machine that started the specialty coffee revolution, the Linea Mini is both simple to use and able to produce an incredibly high-quality cup of coffee. Check out our Home Roasting Course to get the best out of your home espresso machine.

Pair it with: Mazzer Mini grinder

What type of coffee?

Any type of coffee roasted for espresso is, believe it or not, suitable for espresso. Check out our espresso sampler pack.

Best for: Speed

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Maker

For when you really cannot be bothered to make coffee in the morning then what is the answer? Coffee you made the night before. Immersion cold brew may be possibly the longest way to make coffee, but the effort is absolutely minimal. As long as you’ve actually remembered to make it, then simply just pour into a glass and enjoy (or add ice if you want to go completely crazy). The ultimate caffeine hit before you’ve got to run for the train, with no chance of burning your mouth as you down it.

What type of coffee?

Cold brew is generally pretty forgiving and suits most coffees. We generally recommend high-grown African coffees, but almost anything will work well as cold brew.

Best for: Quality & Cost

Hario V60

When it comes to both quality and low cost there’s nothing better than a V60. Retail price for a 01 cup V60 is £4.50 (or £6.00 for the more versatile 02 cup) plus another £6 for 100 filter papers and you’ve got one of the best coffee making products on the market. Whilst ceramic or other materials or shapes may have slightly better extraction than the V60, the cost of this product coupled with its ability to produce incredibly good coffee makes it a winner overall to us.

What type of coffee?

Again any coffee roasted for filter is the best. Try our single origin sampler pack for a selection of what we currently have suitable for filter brewing.

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