Interesting Facts About Our New Coffee Packaging

Interesting Facts About Our New Coffee Packaging

Calum Hill 2 mins Read

The wait is over and we are so excited to share with you our new 250g and 2kg coffee bags. 

As we celebrate 20 years of Climpsons and coming out of the pandemic, we wanted to change things up a little. This is the finishing piece of a re-brand with Dapple Design where we focus on collective optimism with our new roundel logo; a symbol of seeking quality, collaborating with our partners, finding inspiration, sharing our passion for specialty coffee and working towards a more sustainable future. 

We have taken some easy wins with our new packaging design and it is a stepping stone for a more sustainable option:

Its a stand up pouch

About time right? Whilst we loved our previous iteration of the coffee bag, we did want to make our new ones stand up on your shelf. 

It is resealable 

Throw it in your bag and don’t worry about it again. Reseal for the ultimate freshness and never waste one bean again. 

Recyclable Packaging

The 250g and 2kg bags are made of recyclable LDPE 4 material which means they can be more readily recycled. In these boroughs of London they are home recyclable too - Camden, Enfield, Brent, Hillingdon & Waltham Forest

Made in the UK

Working with Maxilla since we can remember, who have created their own Eco Research and Development programme to offer more sustainable solutions. We are excited to say that the 2kg bags are made in the UK. This is a huge step in reducing emissions and we are one of the first to have these made.

Maxilla has BRC accreditation and ISO 9001 which is an industry wide recognition covering product quality and traceability and investment in their facilities and staff. 

Our new bags are more convenient, offer better protection and reduce coffee waste. This coffee bag option reduces more carbon emissions than before and whilst it is by no means perfect the technology of packaging is moving quickly and we hope this is just the beginning of a more sustainable solution as more end of lifecycle uses become available.

Our 2kg bags 

All of the above aspects apply to the 2kg bags aside from the resealable pouch. 

Visit our website to see the new look here 

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