Dirty Iced Vanilla Matcha

Dirty Iced Vanilla Matcha

Climpson & Sons 1 min Read

(When one source of caffeine just isn’t enough) 

What you’ll use: Lalani Organic Matcha powder, Midnight Oil Coffee Concentrate, vanilla essence/syrup

What you’ll need: matcha whisk and bowl

In a bowl, add 60ml of hot water to 2g of Lalani matcha powder and whisk until fully combine and clump-free

In a glass with ice, add half a teaspoon of vanilla essence or one pump of vanilla syrup and 50ml of coffee concentrate

Fill your glass until its almost full (leaving enough room for the matcha) with your chosen milk

Top with your liquid matcha and watch those colours swirl

Top tip: Whisk your matcha in a left-right motion rather than a circular stir for a faster and clump-free formulation. Try not to agitate the final drink before serving to preserve those stunning layers of colour.

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