Strawberry, Hibiscus and Rose Iced Tea

Strawberry, Hibiscus and Rose Iced Tea

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What you’ll use: Teadrop Fruits of Eden tea (looseleaf or teabag), Rose water, Karma Lemony Lemonade

Steep the Fruits of Eden tea in just enough hot water to cover and set aside for a minute 

In a glass with ice, add one teaspoon of rose water and a wedge of lemon

Add the teabag to the cup and brewed tea to the glass 

Top up with lemonade, stir and enjoy! 

Top tip: You can brew a larger quantity of tea the day before and keep in the fridge overnight, with teabags/loose leaves left in for ease of service. If you really want to elevate the rose flavour, you can garnish with dried rose petals to make it look stunning and taste extra floral

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