Hario V60 Dripper 01, Clear Plastic


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Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the Hario V60 — if filter coffee is your thing it’s easily one of the best brews out there. The V60 rewards diligence in brewing with clean cups of delicious coffee and an ability to highlight acidity and complexity in a cup that few other coffee makers possess.

The Hario V60 plastic coffee dripper is designed for the home brewer who loves both great coffee and an affordable brew method. The V60 is a firm favourite among home brewers who love a crisp, clean cup. The Hario Dripper is heatproof, and features the unique spiral V60 interior, which allows each air flow through the thin filter papers leading to a more balanced cup of coffee.

The Hario v60 plastic coffee dripper comes with a scoop for measuring, but we recommend using a scale (we recommend either Felicita Incline or Acaia) to make sure your coffee is consistent time after time.

What's Included

  • 1 x Hario V60 2 Cup Durable Plastic Dripper
  • Unique Spiral V60 Interior
  • Heatproof
  • Includes Scoop for Measuring

You can buy size 01 papers for your V60 here (they’re not included with the dripper).

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