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Learn the art of making coffee at home with Climpson & Sons expert-led in person workshops. This is the practical toolkit you need to fine tune your coffee skills. Guaranteed, after this workshop your morning coffee is going to taste even sweeter.

Climpson & Sons Home Brewing Workshop is for all the passionate home brewers (we’re talking cafetiere, Aeropress, V60, kalita or chemex). Are you a home brewer who doesn’t know where to start? Or an enthusiast wanting to refine their technique? For young, old, amateurs or wannabe connoisseurs — this is for anyone who loves coffee and wants to better understand how to make a better brew.

We will explore flavour in coffee, taking you on a sensory journey in order to work out what you like and, most crucially, why. We will guide you through the world of coffee and how best to make it to your own individual preference, giving you the practical skills you need to make the most out of your chosen brew method.
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What is coffee?

We give an overview of where coffee comes from and what makes specialty coffee oh so special. We then follow the journey from producer to our roastery and finally into your cup. This will help you better understand where your coffee comes from to get a better idea of what you like and dislike, demystifying the words on the coffee label.

What affects flavour?

Explore sensory basics for coffee tasters. Together we will discuss and taste coffees from around the world to better understand what affects flavour when brewing coffee. We will cover the key steps to make a great cup of filter coffee such as; using a high quality coffee, following a recipe, grinding fresh and using an appropriate water composition.

Time to brew!

We will provide demonstration and expert insights on how to make a great filter coffee, giving you all the tips and tricks to get you making a delicious and consistent brew at home. You’ll have the chance to brew under our expert guidance, asking any questions that you may have along the way.

Additional Details

The course takes 2.5 hours.

Hosted in person at Climpson's HQ & Training Academy, Unit 5 Helmsley Place, Hackney E8 3SB.

This course is suitable for V60, Kalita, Aeropress, Chemex and cafetiere. Please note this course does not cover espresso, latte art, moka pot, stovetop, or syphon.

You will receive one 250g bag of our single origin whole beans to take home with you.

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