Cafetiere your brew of choice?

You'll need your cafetiere, kettle, filtered water, grinder, scales and freshly roasted coffee.

  1. Boil your kettle
  2. Weigh out and grind your coffee. We recommend 80g of coffee per litre of water, ground like sea salt.
  3. Warm the cafetiere with your hot water.
  4. Place your cafetiere on your scales, with your ground coffee inside and tare to zero.
  5. Add all your just off the boil water in one go and stir a couple of times to make sure all the coffee is saturated.
  6. Allow to steep for 4 mins, then remove the top crust with a spoon.
  7. Insert the plunger and press gently.
  8. Pour and enjoy.

If the coffee is too strong and heavy, use less coffee or brew for less time.
If the coffee is weak and thin, use more coffee or brew for longer.

If the coffee is bitter, grind coarser next time
If the coffee is sharp, sour or flat, grind finer next time.

If the coffee is just right, grab a pal and share a brew together.